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All climate, catastrophe, and natural change is caused by the Sun, Moon, and planets -when they are geometrically interrelated to a specific longitude and geography here upon the Earth. Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, storms, drought, famine, and overpopulation come under this heading.

Other factors are the Cycle of the rotation and revolution of the Milky Way galaxy, and the mechanics of the Earth itself as discussed by the Croll-Milankovitch climate cycles. These are founded upon the changes in the Earth's: eccentricity of the shape of the Earth's orbit from round to elliptical, the range of the obliquity of the orbital plane caused by the changes in the tilt of the Earth's axis, the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes changing the exposure of the northern and southern hemispheres in respect to perihelion and aphelion, and the variation in the inclination of the entire orbit of the Earth. Every one of these minute changes influences the climate here upon the Earth. All these changes in the mechanics of the Earth are brought about by the Earth's interrelationship with the other members of our solar system, including our own Moon and the Sun which is itself in motion within our home galaxy, the Milky Way which is in motion within the universe.

The greater celestial movements of our Milky Way galaxy cause plate-tectonic uplift, the shifting movements of Pangaea, and the rise and fall of species.

When several celestial bodies are positioned above and around a locale, or are geometrically arranged in strong geometric relationships to a specific geography they will initiate events upon that geography. This celestial information is readily available in any scientific ephemerides calculated from Greenwich Mean Time and Right Ascension from Greenwich (geography is calculated as minus -180° west. Greenwich is 00:00°. And east is +180°. This arrangement  of 360°  corresponds to 24:00 hours of celestial position which is called Right Ascension).


New Madrid

The Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune are centered upon and in conjunction with the longitude and geography of the middle states of America, especially Missouri. Jupiter is in direct opposition to the assembly of the heavenly bodies; while Mars is geometrically sextile (60 degrees) related to New Madrid.

The Black-Hole vortex of the Milky Way is also centered upon the geography of Missouri. The Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes (5 degrees Pisces) is in 90 degree aspect to the geography.

The New Madrid Fault-line is quite deep but not very long. But on this day, the quake was stupendous. It turned the Mississippi around to flow backwards, and created Reel-foot Lake. It rang the church bells in far distant Boston, Massachusetts. A gentleman at one of my lectures told me that his great-grandfather had heard from an inhabitant of New Madrid that two days prior to the quake -that every fly, pesky insect, mosquito, dog, cat, and un-tethered domesticated livestock left the town.


The New Madrid quake is a paradigm because it is so easy to see and understand. But most natural events are more intricately leveraged through many complex planetary, Solar, and lunar positions. It takes many years of experience to be comfortable with the research. A good start is to look at these examples from my investigations.

Earthquake prediction is indeed possible in many events. One should focus on the fault-line or volcano in your own area, and discover the extent of longitude and latitude it covers. Then research past quakes or eruptions in this area.

Then one could plot a current horoscope for the twelve months of the coming year, and diagnose the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets in relation to your longitude in terms of conjunction, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 degree relationships. Of course, there are many peculiar equilateral, or "pincers-type" interrelationships which instigate powerful leverage to create natural events. But, one learns by experience to detect these pincer types.

It is conceivable that a computer program could be designed around the likelihood of dangerous geometrical arrangements appearing in your locality.



The following books illuminate the ancient science of cosmology, astrology, and the cosmic cycles:

Culture of Astronomy   The Culture of Astronomy,

origin of number, geometry, law, science, and  religion   

Who would think that so many things in life originate from astronomy –the way we think, human logic, law, philosophy, science, social organization, and government –all come from the observation of the stars. Even our most sacred institutions of religion hold fast to symbolic holy numbers such as 6, 12, 13, 20, 40, 72, and 144,000; all of which come from astronomical cycles.

            In fact all the institutions of culture are woven through and intertwined with a fabric of astronomy which produces a worldview that has guided human development since the time of creation. This cosmic philosophy is our guide to understanding not only ancient culture but the vital roots of our very own existence.

            The Culture of Astronomy attempts to organize and simplify this Olympian study which includes climate change, natural catastrophes, world myth, the history of science, astrology, cosmology, and ancient megalithic sites.

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 Ancient people believed that creation came from the universe and through our Milky Way galaxy. Earth had been made afterOriginofCulture the image of the heavens which supplies all benefice, spirit, and sustenance to our world. Astrological Cause was the accepted view of the world in science and culture.  Even with every possible resource of the  modern age  -there is still no better logical  system to explain natural conditions of weather, or the awful calamities of earthquakes, tsunami, and hurricanes than that these are motivated  by the Sun, Moon, and planets working in concert.

The Origin of Culture

The cosmologers believed that culture and civilization were moved by two great opposing cosmic cycles to create the drama of life here upon the stage of the Earth.  This book examines the sources of the Atlantis legend and an ancient triangular relationship between ancient Greece, Ireland & Brittany, and Phoenician Morocco & Cadiz.

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