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Donohoe  &  Carroll

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1455 Mission Road,  Colma,  CA 94080

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 the oldest family owned fabricator of stone & granite headstones and memorials west of the Mississippi.


James   Donohoe, Partner & Business Manager ----------John (Paky) Donohoe, Partner & Craftsman  ---------- Thomas Karl Dietrich, 33 years as Artisan in Residence

   Handcrafted,  custom-made  designs  at  no extra charge

*    bring in a photocopy of what you want      *        no interest % financing available    *

Our craftsmen have been trained in old world techniques through trade schools in Ireland, Europe, South America, and the Orient. Our customers often wish to be involved in the design process. Therefore we encourage them to bring in photo-copies of Irish Crosses, Holy Cards, images, as well as special fonts. In a word, please bring in anything that you would think is reminiscent of -or would be appropriate to the person that is being commemorated. We then adapt these designs to the stonework. This process may be especially appealing in portraying the ethnic, professional, or religious background of the family. While we are able to create your ideas in stone; we also have catalogues full of various traditional and modern designs. Whatever you prefer, we will ask you to inspect and proof our rendition, after our artists have hand-cut your special artwork in a stencil layout. This is done before the actual stone is engraved -to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction and expectations. In this way the customer is in complete control of the design process.

We design & craft logos, family coats of arms, business and corporate signs, hand-carved holy images and ethnic art in stone, wood, and glass. 

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 Donohoe & Carroll has appeared on Good Question Ch. 5 with Ken Bastida  &  Bay area Backroads, as well as National Public Radio.







We are a specialty shop. Our handcrafted workmanship takes many more man-hours to produce than computer-cut designs and lettering. Yet our prices are only slightly higher than the standard. The customer, therefore, receives much more true workmanship, and the satisfaction of knowing that the work was done by hand, patiently, and with care and respect for the lasting memorial which is being created for our customers. Truly, we actually enjoy our job -and like the work that we are doing. Some of our clients have been kind enough to say that our attitude is reflected in our finished product.

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Please also call us for lettering, cleaning & re-highlight of cemetery stones


telephone: 650-755-5251   email:  info@donohoememorials.com

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